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Why Choose Us?

We are on a mission to help people live healthier and better lives. We are proud to say that our health supplements brand, Nutrilite is the world's NO. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand. The Nutrilite brand is build on 80 years of commitment to continuous innovation, sustainable farming and an uncompromising, scientific approach to delivering nutritionally-balanced market-leading supplements. NUTRILITE is the only vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms. We are committed to using the best of nature, science and research to develop and manufacture products to the highest quality standards.

I love love the Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder. It dissolves really easily and does not leave that powdery taste/texture. 

Leigh Thomas
Vegan girl

The Protein bars are amazing. I was a chocoholic and so happy to have found this healthier nutritious alternative.

Sally Shy

About Us

Phakama Ntshewula

Amway Business Owner

An Independent Amway Business Owner. Amway is an American multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products. Company have been approved to operate for more than 60 years, doing business in more than 100 countries and territories with over 3 million affiliated Independent Business Owners. Amway and its sister companies under Alticor reported sales of $8.4 billion in 2019. Amway is the leading direct selling company that is open for any individual(18+) to start the business for themselves, offering over 450 high quality health, home, and beauty products people use everyday, that you can use and share with confidence.

With a wide range of products from Beauty, Nutrition, Home, and Skin Care Products. Amway enables people from all kinds of background and interest to be able to find their niche for being able to grow their business successfully, with high quality products that are unique in every possible way imaginable. Shop for your Nutrition, your Skin Care, your Cosmetics, your No.1 high quality Makeup, your Sports Nutrition, and Home care products. Happy Shopping! 

Please note, not all Amway products are listed on this website, make sure to follow us on social media for more products and contact us whenever you need something that is not on the website, we are only limited to list a 100 products on this website. Contact details below for any enquiries about our products and business.